bike tour belfast craic

Touring Belfast on a Yellow Bike, for the Craic

At Belfast Bike Tours, we bring the craic. We create a fun and memorable experience for touring Belfast, providing a unique way to see the city and explore the rich history and culture of our bustling city.

Our tour guides are also locals to the city, so you know you’re getting an authentic insight into Belfast and stopping by all of those worthwhile attractions. Join our team of yellow cyclists and create memories that will last a lifetime.

bike tour belfast craic

What will I see when touring Belfast on a bike?

Touring Belfast on a bike is an experience like no other. Snake your way through the cobbled streets, winding alleyways and cruise alongside the impressive River Lagan, which offers stunning scenic views.

We aim to cover a wide span of Belfast city, some of the notable points we will stop off at include:

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens is a wonderland of majestic garden life. It boasts a range of mature trees, diverse plants and stunning floral beds. The path is also flat and suitable for cyclists to cruise through and embrace the surrounding nature.

The Botanical Gardens also features a victorian-era palm house, which is home to a tropical ravine and giant bird feeders. This is one of our favourite spots for touring Belfast and a chance to show visitors the beauty of our public parks.

Samson and Goliath

samson and goliath

Otherwise known as the Harland and Wolff cranes, Samson and Goliath are iconic landmarks of the Belfast skyline. They were instrumental in the construction of The Titanic, the sister ship, The Olympic, and 1700 other ships. Today they remain as a bright yellow beacon of Belfast history. 

Titanic Slipways

The Titanic Slipways are steeped in history as the original site where the Titanic was built and eventually launched into the water over 100 years ago. The wide paths make for an excellent cycling route which leads up to the Titanic visitor’s centre, it’s an excellent tourist  destination to appreciate the cultural heritage of Belfast as a former shipyard city.

St Georges Market

Delight all of your senses when you visit St.George’s Market. Built over 100 years ago, it is the only surviving sheltered Victorian market in Northern Ireland.

Every week the stalls are filled with local sellers, providing fresh produce, in-season fruit and veg, local artwork, handmade crafts, international foods and loads more. There is also traditional musical entertainment that features every week – a true experience of the hustle and bustle of Belfast city. 

The Big Fish

The Big Fish is an iconic landmark of Belfast, built with ceramic tiles that each detail a piece of NI history and culture. It was commissioned in 1999 to celebrate the historical location of the neighbouring River Lagan, but locals believe it to have magical powers that bring luck to those who kiss in front of it.

Cathedral Quarter

The Cathedral Quarter is a cobbled maze of trendy bars, popular clubs, beer gardens and restaurants. It is a vibrant part of Belfast City Centre, filled with the hustle and bustle of city life. Our tour guides will let you know their favourite spots to visit, but you will be spoilt for choice, whether you fancy Indian cuisine, Asian fusion, or Italian-style dining, you’ll find it all at the Cathedral Quarter.

Europa Hotel

The Europa Hotel has withstood the troubled history of Belfast and is infamously known as the most bombed hotel in the world. Today it remains in the heart of the city centre and is an icon of the city’s ability to overcome a problematic past.

Belfast Street Art

Belfast is increasingly gaining a reputation for its incredible street art, which has been created by local artists. The themes are ever-changing, from modern art and abstract works to hyper-realistic sketches and animated characters. Although they aren't hard to miss, our tour guides will draw your attention to the surrounding street art so you don’t miss it when cycling past.

Albert Clock

The Albert Clock was built in 1869 as a memorial to Queen Victoria’s late husband, Albert. It embodies gothic-style architecture and stands at 141ft and 2000 tonnes in weight. However, due to the soft terrain from the neighbouring River Lagan, the clock tilted and had to undergo restoration in 1924 for fear that it might have completely toppled over.

The Albert Clock still tilts slightly to this day, but not to worry, you won’t get squished when visiting!

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Touring Belfast at Night Time

If you fancy an experience of touring Belfast at nighttime when the city becomes particularly alive, you can book the Twilight tour. On this tour, you can see the overhanging fairy lights glow, hear the music outpouring from bars that line the streets and enjoy the magic of Belfast after dark.

This is a particularly unique experience of touring Belfast, and something that you won’t find elsewhere!

Family days out for touring Belfast

We often get asked if our Belfast bike tours are suitable for children, and yes they are! We have little toddler seats to attach to bikes for ages 1-3 and our bikes are all adjustable for size, so we can accommodate cyclists from ages 12+.

Touring Belfast with a small group

We only accommodate up to 10 cyclists on our bike tours. This allows us to provide a personalised experience, where you get to ask those pondering questions and feel a part of the group.

We also recommend a general level of fitness for this touring Belfast experience, but we do go at a comfortable pace to accommodate a range of fitness levels.

Tour Belfast on the back of a yellow bike

If you're ready to get those legs pumping and see the sights of our charming city, then book your tour of Belfast on the back of one of our yellow bikes. We create a visiting experience like no other, offering an opportunity to pack in as many sightseeing opportunities as possible. This is an unforgettable experience of touring Belfast, so be sure to book soon to avoid disappointment!



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